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Rectangular Swimming Pool

Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Rectangular Swimming Pool

Rectangular model : 9.6x9.6x 4 ft (10,000 liters)

Rectangular model : 15x 9.6 x 4 ft ( 15000 Liters)

Rectangular model 19 ft x 9.6ft x 4 ft(20000 liters)

Rectangular model 19 ft x 12ft x 4 ft20000 liters)

Rectangular model 25 ft x 9.6ft x 4 ft (25000 liters)

Rectangular model 25 ftx 12 ftx 4 ft(34000 liters)

Rectangular model 31 ft x 9.6ft x 4 ft (32000 liters)

Rectangular model : 31x 12 x 4 ft ( 42000 liters)

Rectangular model 31 ft x 15 ft x 4 ft(52000 liters)


Rectangular Swimming Pool

The pool is made with sandwich construction technology used for building ships. The inner coat is gel coat with UV resistant German made Transparent coat. Dura color for best color effect and non fading properties. The fiber is isothermal coats with CSM-Fiber for high strength and flexibility. Woven-roving fiber layers. Steel sandwich ribs and self support pool. (Arrdevpools-make) Rectangular design with smooth wall and anti-skid ground surface. The top border is anti slippery. Floor design is made with computer generated counter current waves for maximum effect with less effort.

Filtration system for the above pool. /mini pipeless filter

  • Filter pump strainer basket- 1 no
  • Cartridge filter of 25 micron.- 1no
  • LED light /halogen light- 2 -6 no's
  • UPVC pipe of 6 kg/cm2 with 50-63mm OD of pipes- 1 set
  • Drain pump of ? hp with NRV- 1 no

Chlorine and ph value testing kit, butterfly net, wall brush, floor cleaner, floating hose pipe. Etc.- 1 set

Rectangular Swimming Pool Specifications:


Fiberglass Swimming Pool



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