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Side mounted multi port valve for water filter, backwash and rinse. The filter is made of fiber glass with lamination and bobbin wound method.

The working pressure is 1.5-2.5 kg/cm2. The media of water filtration is quartz sand and gravels.

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Filtration rate of filters :

Laminate filter 24 cum/hr./sq m.
Bobbin Filter 30 cum /hr/sq m.


Less the filtration rate better the quality of water. ISI standard filtration rate is not more than 24 cum/hr/sq m.

The filters are available in size :

Size of Filter Filtration capacity @ 24cum/hr/sqm Filtration capacity @ 30cum/hr/sq m.
900 mm diameter 15260 liters /hr. 19075 liters/hr.
1000 mm diameter 18840 liters/hr. 23550 liters/hr.
1200 mm diameter 27129 liters/hr 33912 liters/hr.
1400 mm diameter 36926 liters/hr. 46158 liters/hr.


For Olympic size swimming pool the horizontal filters or MS made big filters are used as the fibre made filters are not available in size of 2000 mm. Mild Steel filters can be made in any size and air blowers are being used for more than 1800 mm size filters.

Olympic pools are having capacity of at least 3000000 liters of water and that is being filtered with multi grade sand filter in line arrangements. Air blowers are being used for aerations.


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