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Readymade Swimming Pool

Readymade Swimming Pool

Readymade Swimming Pool

Readymade Swimming Pool

if you are building your house and suddenly you think of swimming pool or plunge pool in your house . You go to architects and architects design the swimming pool as per their design sense and there after the real work begin as your local contractor do not know how to build the swimming pool even if is expert in building but is clueless about the water filtration and water treatment system for swimming pool. Here comes the swimming pool expert who told you to go for imported filters and other accessories . The swimming pool expert (so called) try to grab the entire pool by showing the pool building the most technology induced work but in reality they buy Chinese or so called European sand filters with circulation pump which take water from pool circular and send it back to the pool which is simpler than a plumbing of bathroom fittings. But client had to either go with pool builder or he had to arrange multiple agencies > 1. arch 2. plumbing consultant 3. pool consulting 4. contractor 5. water proofing expert 6. tiling agency 7. electrician and lastly 8. pool operators .

Readymade swimming pools remove all of above and you buy factory made factory fitted water filtration system and easy to own and run. You select size ,design ,color and finishes of swimming pool as per your choice . Your order and ready to use pool is installed at your house.

You can add water heater, counter current , glass wall, fountains and Jacuzzi in same pool at the time to buy or later on if needed.

Installation takes hardly two days.

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