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Mini Pipeless Filter

Mini Pipeless Filter

Mini Pipeless Filter


Mini Pipeless Filter

For very small wadding pools or domestic spa, this is tha best economical pipeless filter. It got one hight two let nozzles and skimmer on either side as required.

Tha pumping system is simple and can be equip with timers.

Technical features:

Filtration capacity: 4500 liters/hr

One unit is for swimming pool surface up to 500 sq ft.(20ftx25ft) forsmall pools the multiple unit is required.

  1. One1/2 hp motored pump.
  2. One CF-50 model filters with cartidge.
  3. 25 micron filtration with 4.2sq meter surface area of filter.
  4. Under Water light of 100w/12v.
  5. Floor clerner and hose pipe.
  6. Butterfly net and testing kit.

Mini Pipeless Filter Specifications:



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