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About Us

Arrdevpools started with a vision and policy for taking swimming pools and their services to reach on wider horizon to customer base.

Our vision started with the tag line " every home deserve swimming pool".

Back in 2000 only few places Hotels, Clubs and some schools have swimming pools of big size. Most of the Indian were not able to have the swimming pool facility at their home. Their after the society and multistory building has started with more pools.

There are 3 main issues with swimming pools which make them hard to buy and maintain.

1. For commercial pools there was a need for pool consultant , plumbing ,electrical , water proofing and design consultant so these become cumbersome and expensive affair to make a swimming pool at either domestic or commercial swimming pools.

2. Once pool is made then second issue is maintain the pool clean and it needs a lot of chemicals and manpower to maintain a pool hence maintaining a pool become difficult that owning it.

3. Third was the space constrain as proper swimming is needed to have big size pool and not every home has the luxury to have big pools because of shortage of space.

Arrdevpools has started with all the issues one by one and today we are the trend setter in Swimming pool industry. Arrdevpools had done R&D and truly believe that Technology makes things easier and we started with first step of making swimming pool easy process.

Solutions :

1. We started the concept of " making your pool yourself ". In 2006.

In this we had developed the Pipeless filters for concrete swimming pools. Which remove the need of all kind of consultants except the Architects for design and color combination as per house. With help of pipeless filters the pools are made by house owner themselves and we just provide the pipeless filter to new or old swimming pools for refurbishing the swimming pools.

2. Once the pool was made their was second issues which we again had concept of "0% water wastage "

Our pipeless filters were able to save 100% swimming pool water and once filled can go upto one entire year or season. We are also able to reduce the cost of chemicals for swimming pools by 70% and electricity consumption is also gone down by 50% as we use cartridge filter which are having more surface for water filtration, as we were not wasting water from swimming pool in back wash so we are able to save Chlorine and other chemicals.(most no's of patented models of pipe less filters in India)

3. Third issues were to provide all the facility in one pool with small size. Like in computers, the size and efficiency of computers are increasing with size of instruments goes down. We offer wonder how such as small smart phone or pad can have so much of memories. But with technology we are able to achieve this.

We started making the Fiber glass swimming pools in 2008.

Now the concept of every home deserves the swimming pool got realized with fiber glass swimming pools. We started with one size and one model in 2009 and in 2016 we are having more than 9 models of swimming pools and 21 sizes of swimming pools to cater most of the houses. (most no's of patented swimming pool Models and sizes in INDIA)

Here was the one more problem we faces with size of pools as these pools are made in one single pieces so transportation of pool was problem in India because of width of roads and streets also we are not able to simplify the swimming pools for commercial use as size was constrain. In 2011 we started making the Liner prefabricated strongest pools in India and in last 5 years we had done all kind and size of swimming pools.

We had achieved the landmarks in Pool Industries. Now next step to reach to every customer via our dealer network. We are looking for the Dealers and distributors in major cities who have the same vision as ours to fulfill the customer demands.




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