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Luxury Basement Swimming Pool

Luxury Basement Swimming Pool

Luxury Basement Swimming Pool


Luxury Basement Swimming Pool

Arrdev Swimming Pool designers like a challenge, and when the opportunity arose to create a basement pool in London, it was an excellent opportunity to be involved in such a unique design and pool build.

The L-shaped pool is finished to the highest quality with a spa and gym incorporated into the design. The blue lighting presents a unique and dramatic edge to the swimming pool area, while the LED's in the ceiling of the spa encourage a relaxing mood. The spa pool has been set within the columns of basement creating a secluded area for relaxation.

Basement Swimming Pools

Constructing a swimming pool in a basement provided Guncast Swimming Pools with the opportunity for a unique design, utilising the low ceiiling beams for lighting and length of the room to create a truly functional pool area with a lasting impression.

For more information on Basement swimming pools designed and constructed by Arrdev, please contact one of our expert team, who boast many year's experience in designing a unqiue swimming pool or spa designed completely for you.

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