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Deck Mount Filter

Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Deck Mount Filter


Deck Mount Filter

This is the filter with deck mounting and no pit is required for this filter can be fixed any kind of swimming pool or water body with depth of 900 mm deep.

It is made of fibre glass and have the provision of drain or fill the swimming pool with this filter only.

Technical Specification :

Filtration rate 10000 liters/hr
Filtration area 6.7 sq meter no
Filtration efficiency 25 micron's
Circulation pump 1 hp
Light 12/100w 1 no
Skimmer front
Outlet bottom both side


In this kind of filter no cutting required in pool wall, the machines like filter and pumps are fixed on the deck of swimming pool. Very good for water bodies/swimming pool with depth more than 600mm and where wall is thick and no cutting is possible.

Make: Arrdevpools (patented design)

  • Pipe less Filter of Capacity 4500liters/hour.
  • One inbuilt skimmer and two filter water outlet nozzles on both side.
  • One under light 100w/12v with electronic transformer.
  • One ? hp motored pump.
  • One CF-50 model filters with cartridge, air safety valve and pressure gauge with 0-2kg/cm2 working pressure.
  • Water proof electrical control box.
  • Skimmer is right side with nozzles in front and left side.25 micron filtration with 4.2 sq meter surface area of filter.

Three stage: a) skimmer/strainer/cartridge Filtration.
Colors: White/blue or as per requirement(Custom made)
Fiber glass is unaffected from chlorine, heat or acids.
Side nozzle for aeration and fountain.(Optional)

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