Prefabricated Swimming Pool For Farmhouse

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  • 03 Dec 2016
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Prefabricated Swimming Pool For Farmhouse

Description :

Usually farms house are such place which are used occassionally and no regular maintenance is avilable. so we design the prefab or readymade swimming pools which can be covered if not use. the size should not be big and surface of pool should be smooth so that no algee can be deposited on floor or wall.

The maintenace should be less and no wear or tear should be their.

the operation cost of these pools are very low. same water is used through out the years.

made to switch one and use. No person is needed. and if not maintatined well you do not need major cost of tiling or otehr cost.

no piping is provided and if provided no permanent structure is provided still these pools are good enough for 25-30 years.

no precauation to keep thme in open or close space.